Why be a member?

Interested in joining LACA?

There are many benefits of membership and these include -

  • Regular regional meetings and a network of colleagues to discuss key issues.
  • Social events where people can make new friends and contacts.
  • LACA newsletter sent to you regularly throughout the year.
  • A platform to influence Government policy.
  • Public relations opportunities to raise the profile of the industry via catering education and local authority media e.g. National School Meals Week and School Chef of the Year.
  • An annual Conference with reduced rates for members.
  • Training and educational seminars to develop new skills and raise awareness of new legislation.
  • Annual Yearbook.

How to join

To join LACA simply complete the online form

Types of Membership

Individual Membership

This full membership category gives full voting rights and enables you to attend local branch meetings and obtain concessionary rates at the annual conference. Details of LACA events can either be sent to your business or home address.

Associate Membership

This grade of membership is for people or businesses working with or supplying to local authority caterers. It would suit consultants to the sector, food and equipment suppliers and anyone else with an interest in this market place. It entitles you to all the benefits of individual membership except that you are unable to vote at meetings.

Corporate Membership

This is available to managers of any local authority catering organisation to enable them to involve their whole management team in the activities of LACA. The package is for five named members. All correspondence is sent to the Corporate Head Office.

Retired Membership

LACA values the experience of its long term members and welcomes their continued involvement beyond retirement.

Annual Subscription Rates

2019 Full
individual corporate individual Additional
Membership fee £ 77.50 £346.67 £258.33 £104.17 £ 24.17 £ 15.00
VAT 20% £ 15.50 £ 69.33 £ 51.67 £ 20.83 £ 4.82 £ 3.00
TOTAL £ 93.00 £ 416.00 £310.00 £125.00 £29.00 £ 18.00