Yorkshire pudding no longer Tykes's favourite food

12/10/2017 - 10:04
Contrary to popular belief, Yorkshire puddings aren’t as well celebrated in Yorkshire as one may think – not even making the list of their top four favourite foods.

The 2,000 person survey, carried out by purchasing company Beacon ahead of national Yorkshire Pudding Day tomorrow (13 October,) revealed Tyke’s top five favourite foods:

  • Roast dinners (24.6%)
  • Fish & chips (13.5%)
  • Pizza (11.7%)
  • Steak & chips (9.9%)
  • Yorkshire pudding (4.7%), Thai curry (4.7%)

Other British favourites which scored less favourably include: sausage and mash with only  2.9% of votes, and bacon sandwiches with 2.3%.

Purchasing manager at Beacon, Alice Bexon, said: “British diners are spoilt for choice with the amount of meals now available to them so it isn't surprising there are different foodie favourites appearing.

“Whilst some of the classics, such as the roast dinner, are still popular, we are seeing some traditional meals such as sausage and mash slip down the list. It's sad news for the Yorkshire pud this Yorkshire Pudding Day, but with recent excitement around Yorkshire pudding wraps maybe it will climb back up for next year!”

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