Utopia Tableware launches Autumn collection

17/10/2018 - 12:50
Utopia Tableware has launched its new Autumn collection, designed to offer caterers inspiring new concepts and ideas as they look to maximise business in the Christmas period.

StaProduct lines include the new Eclipse tableware, which features a cool metallic sheen, the Gold Standard range of barware accessories, and Shoreditch, a fashionably short-stemmed suite of glassware.

Kathryn Oldershaw, marketing director of Utopia, said: “The lead in to Christmas and the New Year is a time to re-assess the foodservice operation and make sure it’s ready for the rush.”

“Updating or enhancing your tableware is a quick, relatively inexpensive way to make a big impact.  That’s why our Autumn Collection has such a wide variety of innovative, unusual and inspiring ideas.”  


Eclipse is a vitrified porcelain tableware that comes in a rich, earthy colourway with curved lines that, with the metallic finish, showcase the food wonderfully.  

It’s initially available in a choice of three round plates (12” / 31cm, 10” / 26cm and 8” / 21cm) and two bowls, one an aro plate (10” / 26cm) and the other a complimentary and contrasting off-white design (5.5” / 14cm).  

Eclipse’s shape and glaze will suit a wide range of cuisines, from the traditional to the experimental, while the larger plates are also suitable for sharing.

Gold Standard

The Gold Standard barware range delivers a warm, opulent glow that’s perfect for sophisticated bars.   

Its soft gold colour is matched by a hardwearing finish that’s designed specifically for busy hospitality venues.

The wide selection of bar accessories, including bar blade, mixing spoon and jigger, can help create an upmarket mood for any cocktail bar.  The range includes Harlequin Syphons, which add drama to the drink-making.

Shoreditch Glassware

As its name suggests, Shoreditch glassware, with its short stems and big bowls, is bang on trend.  

However, as well as being fashionable, the short stems make it super-practical, since it’s easier to handle and fit into the glasswasher.  Perfect for the new-age of gins, wines and cocktails, the suite consists of four glasses, two for wine (46cl and 35cl) and two for cocktails (both 56cl).  The two cocktail globes offer a choice of stem lengths, one being ultra-low.

The full Autumn Collection also features, amongst other new lines, stylish candleholders made of recycled glass, the latest additions to Utopia’s range of eco-friendly paper straws, a variety of glassware and tableware designs, and an imaginative, cleaver-shaped steak knife.  

Utopia has produced a catalogue covering the Autumn Collection.  It’s available on request as a hard copy or can be downloaded from utopia-tableware.com.

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