Tritordeum, a sustainable ingredient that is making headway in Europe

Tritordeum, a sustainable ingredient that is making headway in Europe
Dra. Pilar Barceló presenting Tritordeum at the Sustainable Foods Summit in Amsterdam
Tritordeum, a sustainable ingredient that is making headway in Europe
Tritordeum, a sustainable ingredient that is making headway in Europe
01/07/2019 - 05:00
Tritordeum takes a leading position among the new sustainable ingredients presented at the European edition of the 2019 Sustainable Foods Summit celebrated in Amsterdam.

Tritordeum is a Mediterranean cereal, the combination of durum wheat and wild barley, with real benefits for the environment, the consumer and farmers, says Agrasys’ managing director Dra. Pilar Barceló, who led the session on sustainable ingredients. 

She stressed the idea that food needs to be grown in a sustainable way in order to use resources wisely, as according to Food and Agriculture Organisation, more than 80% of soils are contaminated with fertiliser and pesticides residues whilst agriculture uses 70% of the world’s water resources.

Barceló said: “The current data are devastating. However, new crops, varieties and improved cultivation techniques will allow more efficient, sustainable and profitable production in organic agriculture and it will attract new growers.

“On sustainability issues, Tritordeum not only contributes positively to the environment but also to our society. That is why we received the award as Sustainable Ingredient in the Sustainable Food Awards 2018.”

What makes Tritordeum so sustainable?

As a crop, Tritordeum is ideal for sustainable production systems and has a small ecological footprint. Tritordeum makes efficient use of water and has good resistance to diseases, reducing pesticide usage, making it a more sustainable cereal with reduced environmental impact.

Tritordeum is cultivated in Spain, Italy, Greece and the south of France by local farmers and is now available in ten European countries.

Agrasys works with local farmers under repurchase agreements without the fluctuation of prices to support local rural economies.

A big success in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has been one of the countries in Europe to adopt the sustainable cereal phenomenon. Tritordeum flour is available in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Since 2018 Tritordeum bread has been available in 720 shops in the largest Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn and are produced in a flour mill driven by waterpower, near Maastricht.

Nutrition is crucial

Apart from its sustainability advantages, Tritordeum is also winning supporters over in Europe because of its nutritional benefits. Its has higher levels of fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, ten times more antioxidants like lutein and it is more digestible gluten.

Tritordeum has a significant reduction in gluten proteins associated with food intolerances in comparison with wheat. However, it is not suitable for coeliac disease suffers.

It is suitable for bakery, pastry products, pasta, pizza, breaded products and beer.

Barceló stressed that Tritordeum it is an answer to today’s demands and market trends in the food industry for locally produced natural ingredients to make functional products with reduced environmental impact.

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