Top tips for writing the perfect job advert

18/11/2011 - 00:00
In today’s market place there are a lot of businesses that are competing for the best staff.

Writing a captivating job advert is therefore essential. Here are five tips to help you do just that: *Use a relevant and good title. Make it relevant and clear as that's what people will be looking for; Include the job title, location and salary where possible. *Structure the advert so that it includes details of your company, relevant responsibilities about the position, requirements of the ideal candidate and information on salary and benefits. *Sell the job – stress what is unique, innovative and challenging about the role. Also mention the prospects for promotion and advancing within the company as well as training programs. *Sell your company – let people know why you are such as a good employer and promote the company values *Make it easy to read. Avoid complicated jargon and use language that your staff will understand. To break up the text use bullet points and short sentences *Get them involved – speak to the reader by using "you" *Be truthful, realistic and legal – don't over sell as you get the wrong type of applicants – ie gullible and unrealistic. Make sure that you are not discriminating on any level and avoid using wording that may be construed as ageist, sexist and so on. By Grant Tookey, Fresh Catering Jobs,

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