The Sound of Ringing Tills

06/10/2008 - 00:00
There will be much riding on the generosity of shoppers this Christmas to bolster retailers' coffers as they look to bounce back from the recent financial gloom.

So how can shops and leisure outlets lure shoppers to spend their festive budget with them? How can they differentiate themselves from the din of well-worn 'Best of Christmas' compilations? The answer: create a unique, more welcoming sound that will increase dwell time, and in turn, maximise the opportunity for those customers to spend, spend, spend… Here's how they do it at Caffe Nero: With a music collection that spans 300 years, from Mozart to emerging artist Nayo, Caffe Nero's highly sophisticated music profile is right at the heart of its brand differentiation strategy. Caffe Nero give exposure to selected emerging 'acoustic orientated' performers through live in-store performances and featured in the daily music playlists provided by Imagesound. With exposure to tens of thousands of customers each day, Caffe Nero is now a real alternative source of discovering new music. Imagesound supplies retail and leisure brands with profiled music, in-store radio and television packages that positively reinforce the brand's values in the eyes and ears of their customers and staff. Formed in 1998 by Michael Clark, the Chesterfield based company now profiles music and messaging in over 18,000 individual retail outlets including Caffe Nero, McDonald's, and O'Neill's.

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