Sharwood’s Tandoori & Tikka Combo, Pilau Rice, Poppadom Pieces & Chutney Dip

This recipe is taken from Premier Foods Summer Sizzlers Guide

In this recipe we’ve taken two variants from the Sharwood’s Paste range and used them to create a marinade for chicken breasts & thighs, we have served these with pilau rice, quartered Sharwood’s Poppadoms and a Sharwood’s Mango Chutney yoghurt dip.

If you break the poppadoms into quarters before deep frying they curl up at the edges when cooking and act as little scoops.

For the pilau rice, you can use either Bisto Vegetable or Bisto Chicken Bouillon.

Adding a little more Sharwood’s paste to each marinade will give an extra spicy kick.


10 Chicken breasts (skin on)
10 Chicken thighs (de-boned)
100g Sharwood’s Tikka Paste
100g Sharwood’s Tandoori Paste
200g Natural yoghurt (for the marinade)
250g Sharwood’s Mango Chutney
250g Natural yoghurt (for the chutney dip)

10 Sharwood’s Poppadoms 1kg Cooked pilau rice Coriander

Preparation method: 

1. In separate bowls mix equal quantities of the Sharwood’s Pastes with the yoghurt.
2. Add the chicken breasts to the Sharwood’s Tikka Paste and the chicken thighs to the Sharwood’s Tandoori Paste.
3. Ensure that each piece of meat is covered with the paste, then cover each bowl with cling film and marinate for a minimum of two hours (preferably overnight).
4. For the dip, mix together equal quantities of Sharwood’s Mango Chutney and natural yoghurt, then keep chilled.
5. Either BBQ or chargrill the breasts and chicken thighs until fully cooked and serve with the Mango Chutney yoghurt dip, pilau rice and Sharwood’s Poppadom quarters.

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