Roll of Honour - up to 2006

02/05/2007 00:05
View past winners of the Cost Sector Awards...

Blue Ribband Award 1995 Hilary Witt, Cambridgeshire Services 1996 Sheila Mitchell, Sanofi Winthrop 1997 Marc Verstringhe, Catering & Allied 1998 Anthony Frith, HM Prisons 1999 Roger Davies, Imperial College (Posthumously) 2000 David Ford, Sodexho UK 2001 Air Cdre Steve Wood, RAF 2002 Mike Bailey, Compass Group 2003 Ruth McNeil, Manchester City Council 2004 Defence Catering Group 2005 Greenwich School Meals Service 2006 Peter Peirce, Metropolitan Police Service Armed Services Award 2001 S Sgt Tommy O'Rourke, Royal Logistics Corp 2002 WO2 Julie Eldridge, Royal Logistics Corp 2003 Flt Lt Beverley Hooder, RAF Benson 2004 WO Mick Hickman, RN 2005 WO Gary Wood, RN 2006 Sergeant Lee Corke, RAF Chef Award 2003 Richard Bowden, Eurest Defence Support Services 2004 Rik Razza, Wilson Storey Halliday 2005 Nick Vadis, Eurest 2006 Simon Warren, Aramark Contract Catering Award 1995 Shaw Catering 1996 Sovereign Catering Services 1997 Baxter & Platts 1998 Nelson Hind Catering 1999 Catering Alliance 2000 Halliday Catering Services 2001 Quadrant Catering 2002 Charlton House Catering 2003 Eurest Corporate Accounts 2004 Holroyd Howe 2005 7 Day Catering 2006 Directors Table Contract Catering District Manager Award 2002 Graham Merchant, Aramark 2003 Mack Allen, Wilson Storey Halliday 2004 Fiona McDonnell, Sodexho Healthcare 2005 John Buffery, The Brookwood Partnership 2006 Robert Page, Avenance Contract Catering Unit Manager Award 1996 Andrew Price, Fairfield Catering 1997 Lynne Brayne, Eurest 1998 Paul Barrett, Baxter & Platts 1999 Lloyd Pearson, Quadrant Catering 2000 Maxine Donne, Aramark 2001 Ken Alexander, Eurest Sutcliffe 2002 Douglas Wood, Pabulum 2003 Rachel Carter, Baxter Smith 2004 Nigel Collett, Baxter & Platts 2005 Helen Baker, Avenance 2006 Jeanette McNaughton, ESS Support Services Worldwide Education Award 1995 Tony Hope, Suffolk County Catering 1996 Patricia Fellows, Chair LACA 1997 Neville Riches, North Tyneside Council 1998 John Davis, Shire Services 1999 Fergus Chambers, Glasgow City Council 2000 Vivianne Buller, Northumberland County Council 2001 Gillian Medcalf, Hampshire Caterers 2002 Kenneth Wilson, North Lanarkshire Council 2003 Beverley Baker, Surrey Commercial Services 2004 Colin Ranson, Sunderland City Council 2005 Sheena Lennie, North Tyneside Council Catering Services 2006 Education Contract Services, Tower Hamlets Event Catering Award 2002 Sodexho Prestige 2003 Sodexho Prestige 2004 Facilities Management Catering 2005 Heritage Portfolio 2006 Payne and Gunter Healthcare Award 1995 Graham Hague, Blackpool, Wyre & Fylde NHS Trust 1996 Ahmed Jama, Preston Royal Hospital 1997 Pat Warwick, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital 1998 Mike Hall, Blackburn Hospital 1999 Stella Gardner, Southampton University Hospital 2000 Alison Innes-Farquhar, Westminster Healthcare 2001 Alison McCree, South Durham Healthcare NHS Trust 2002 Ian Robinson, NHS Estates 2003 Pam Miller, United Leeds Teaching Hospital 2004 Martin Cantor, Birmingham Heartlands & Solihull NHS Trust 2005 Ron McKenzie, County Durham & Darlington Acute Hospitals NHS Trust 2006 Janice Gillan, NHS Ayrshire & Arran Marketing Award 1998 Peter Hooker, Citywide & City Venues 1999 Initial Catering Services 2000 Sodexho 2001 Aramark 2002 Ed Bevan, EATdot 2003 David Potter, Encore Creative Catering 2004 Arnold Fewell, AVF Marketing 2005 David Wood & Steve Ross, Just Deli 2006 Moto Hospitality Onboard Catering Award (formerly the Airline Catering Award) 1997 Maurice de Carteret, British Airways 1998 Per Skold, Gate Gourmet 1999 The Virgin Atlantic Team 2000 Maurice Ostro, Air Fayre 2001 Debbie Walter, Alpha Flight Services 2002 Stephen White, bmi British Midland 2003 Sarah Klatt-Walsh, Swiss Airlines 2004 Singapore Airlines 2005 Momentum Management Team, Momentum Services 2006 Nick Spencer, GNER Public Sector Award 2006 Mike Saint, HMP Morton Hall Self Operated Staff Restaurant Award 1995 Kevin Noble, BE Services 1996 Alan Peters, Lloyds of London 1997 Derek Pearson, Guinness Brewing GB 199

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