07/09/2017 - 09:28
This month, Eat Out grilled Eau De Vie's marketing manager, Adam Lenton, on water consumption in hospitality and where he sees the business, and industry headed.

What are the main drivers and challenges for your business?
The whole provision of water consumption in hospitality is changing.  As consumers’ understanding and awareness of the ethical issues surrounding single-use plastic water bottles and water waste increases, our customers are increasing seeking fresh solutions.  They want terrific quality water (chilled still and sparkling), branded to their establishment, easily produced and with no loss of margin - potentially even gaining margin.  These are key drivers for Eau De Vie as we have great-tasting and commercially viable solutions and are leading our market into, yes… new waters!   Our challenges are simply around driving this change, influencing age-old perceptions and seeking to overturn decades of purchasing habit.

What trends do you see emerging in this sector?
Consumers are increasingly conscious of the issues around water and single use bottles.   Take the campaigns led by Sky TV and ZSL around the impact on our environment of the growing levels of ocean plastic that are encouraging consumers to really think about what they are buying, and vote with their pockets.  The resulting trends are mirrored in hospitality with operators taking the opportunity to market their own signature waters, bottled on their own premises which is surprisingly quick and easy and saves on storage space too.  Establishments have found they can increase profitability, yet delight customers, with a table offer which looks and tastes great, is ecologically sustainable and meets their customer’s expectations of responsibility and environmental care.

Are you currently working with any pub and restaurant operators to improve their green credentials?
We certainly are – we’re working with some of the biggest chains in the UK, as well as small independent operators, to provide bespoke solutions across single or multi-sites.  The provision of water has to be one of the simplest – yet crucial – decisions they can make to improve green credentials and there has been a big ‘wake-up’ in the last two years.  It’s not just ‘front of house’ there is now growing awareness as to quality of water in every-day use.  That’s why we launched Eau De Vie Multitap which enables filtered chilled or boiling water to be dispensed from an energy-efficient single tap. 

What is next for Eau De Vie?
The next few years promise to be enormously exciting for Eau De Vie as its journey of growth and innovation continues.  Our development plans include the evolution of our offer into new territories such as commercial and office markets, which has already started with the launch of our Connect System.  The Eau De Vie Connect System draws off one water source but has multiple dispense points.  We are also working on some mainstream industry campaigns across the Hospitality sector to further drive awareness of the importance of sustainable water provision.  This will mean working with tactical partners who share our passion for sustainable solutions and recognise the importance of driving change.

Should pubs & restaurants have more of an offering in terms of filtered water?
I genuinely believe that every restaurant and pub should be looking to change their water supply to filtered systems for many reasons but most importantly, because single-use bottles are rapidly becoming unacceptable and unsustainable.  Choice is important and consumers will ultimately make their decision, but filtered water is a great solution and offers no loss of prestige or taste….  To use a filtered system that comes directly from the tap with delicious, pure tasting water, is quick, easy, delivers good margin whilst protecting our environment, and reduces waste and water miles - why wouldn’t we all say yes to such a powerful opportunity to make a difference?

Eau de Vie supplies 'real time' freshly filtered still, sparkling and boiling water systems, reducing costs and allowing an increase in profits from the sale of in house bottled water when compared to traditional pre bottled mineral water.

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