Portioli's taste of summer

18/07/2016 - 07:00
Portioli, the authentic Italian coffee brand, has created four iced coffee recipes in time for the summer period.

Each of the Portioli blends contain a significant percentage of Robusta beans for an added caffeine kick and the crema boosting properties so highly regarded in traditional Italian espresso bars.

“The basis for each of these recipes is a Shakerato, a hot, freshly brewed Portioli coffee which has been shaken with ice cubes (not crushed ice) taken straight from the freezer to cool it down,” explained Jenna Horsnell, group marketing manager for Miko Coffee, the exclusive UK distributor for the Portioli brand."

The blends include Portioli Latte Macchiato Freddo, Portioli Caffè alla Salentina and Portioli Caffè Shakerato.


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