Peach pubs buys cows for Kenya's Maasai tribes in charity initative

31/10/2017 - 06:00
A 14-strong team from Peach pub company have returned to the UK following a trip to Kenya where the group bought 45 cows from a cattle market to donate to the Maasai community.

The team, which included two of the company’s co-founders and several of its suppliers, purchased the cows using funds raised through its Peach Foundation Cow Week scheme which was made up of donations from suppliers and spare change left behind by customers.

Donations were also secured from the pubs' procurement team, Lynx Purchasing, its accountants, Weller’s and its landlords, Calthorpe Estates.

Peach co-founder, Hamish Stoddart, said: "14 of us went to Kenya and spent a week buying the first of the herd of eight pedigree bulls and 400 cows for the Enonkishu community, to help families in this increasingly fragile part of the world safeguard the land, the wildlife and their traditional way of life.

"It's a cause we've long championed at Peach, playing a part in supporting the Maasai tribe and delivering vital and sustainable change in the Mara over the last ten years."

The group travelled to the Chebunyo cattle market in the Mara to purchase the cows, which they then herded eight miles on foot.

The animals were then inoculated, dipped, weighed, tagged and photographed before behind handed over to the families from the Maasai community.

Stoddart added: “The herd will take four years to get to maturity and will then deliver income to the community of £20,000 a year, taking the pressure off locals having to sell their land.

"We talked to leaders about their issues, fears and hope for the future and visited the local villages and schools. We learnt about the fragility of the Mara ecosystem and the ways of the Maasai, and came back convinced we had made a difference."

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