One in five confused by current industry food standards
18/12/2015 - 09:37

A new survey by Bidvest Foodservice released to coincide with its new guide has revealed that one in five industry professionals feel confused by current food standards.

The Making Sense of Standards guide is designed to help buyers, suppliers and caterers in particular understand the different standards affecting them.

With the School Food Standards in particular, Bidvest Foodservice has been working with education catering specialist, Pat Fellows, to help make the changes easier for schools to implement.

Pat said: “I’ve worked with Bidvest Foodservice on the “Making Sense of Standards” guide and believe that it will be a great help to caterers and food buyers.

“For school caterers it includes information on the School Food Based Standards, the Government Buying Standards and Food for Life which aligns so well with the School Food Plan.”

Andy Kemp, group sales and marketing director at Bidvest Foodservice, said: “Within the foodservice industry and when it comes to the public sector in particular, Government’ and industry’ standards are extremely vital to ensure best practice across the board. However, making sense of each can be a real challenge.

“‘Making Sense of Standards’ will be a go-to guide for foodservice professionals, so they’ll be able to not only easily identify which regulations are relevant to them but also what they can do to meet those standards.

“It’s just one of the ways that we are trying to make life a little easier for our customers, so that they can concentrate on growing their businesses.”

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