Metcalfe Catering Equipment launches Roband Sycloid toaster

28/06/2017 - 07:30
Metcalfe Catering Equipment has expanded its range with a Roband Sycloid toaster.

The ST500A Sycloid toaster can roll out over 500 slices per hour using its special cycloid motion that moves the bread around the elements in a smooth, seamless stream.

The new generation introduces a feature for toasting bun halves up to 30mm thick.  The Sycloid balances the heat, ensuring that the bun is perfectly toasted on the cut side while the crown is gently warmed through.

The 13-amp toaster is also now available in red or black livery, as well as the natural brushed stainless steel version, to suit the restaurant décor.

A user-friendly and reliable speed controller allows the toasting time to be adjusted for different types of bread or buns.
 The knob setting lock feature means that staff can set the toasting speed, reducing customer interaction. The toaster also benefits from a “cool to touch” safety feature and lid-locking latch. A slide-out crumb tray and a hinged top cover allow easy cleaning.

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