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14/02/2017 - 12:50
AHDB Beef & Lamb is championing QSM beef mini joints for pubs in the run-up to Great British Beef Week (23 April – 2 May), the annual celebration of home produced beef, founded by Ladies in Beef.

Mini joints are small joints of beef (approx 300–500g), that are trimmed to be leaner and can be cooked in just 20–40 minutes. Their short cooking times mean that chefs and operators can shorten the time their cooked meat sits for service, guaranteeing a more consistent result.

With mini joints, operators get a versatile cut that makes it easy to boost profit, and give consumers the dishes they want. Introducing innovative, modern cuts makes it easy to differentiate menus and capitalise on trends to keep ahead of competitors. The mini joint is designed to maximise the consumer trend for sharing. Sharing is the trend that’s here to stay. AHDB’s sharing survey found that 76% of respondents already share food when they eat out, and 16% would consider it4.

Hugh Judd, AHDB foodservice project manager, said: “Small plates have been a huge hit with consumers and have rapidly fostered a culture of food sharing in the UK eating out market. Now we’re seeing sharing in the form of plates for two and four people, with joints that can be carved in the kitchen, or at the table by the consumer to tap into the theatre of food. QSM beef mini joints offer an ideal solution to meet that demand.

“Beef is a winner with consumers now more than ever, and Great British Beef Week is the perfect time for operators to make a noise about their beef dishes.

“The eating out landscape has never been more competitive, and we know that consumers are looking for something new all the time. Chefs and pub operators must show they can innovate their menus. The trend for sharing is on the rise, and mini joints offer countless ways to bring a sharing dimension to menus and offer up fresh ideas to consumers who are on the lookout for adventure and a new experience.

“Mini joints cook in 20–40 minutes, so you can also keep your carvery fresh by reducing sitting times and food safety risks, and guaranteeing a consistently excellent dish every time.”

To find out more about AHDB and QSM Beef & Lamb, visit:, or tweet AHDB at @qsm_beeflamb

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