LACA revises briefing notes on new School Food Plan

LACA has revised its detailed set of briefing notes explaining the main points of the new School Food Plan (SFP) and offering some comment and analysis. The latest version is attached as a link.

The school meals organisation says it is pleased the SFP process has focused attention on the vital role of school food in child development and improving educational attainment.

It particularly welcomes the emphasis on increased uptake of school meals and the role everyone has to play in ensuring a holistic approach in providing good food.

Anne Bull, Chair of LACA, says: “Going forward we are keen to highlight the need for a ‘whole school’ approach to school food. Everybody has to play their part to ensure that the plan is a success.

“The Department for Education has a number of experts in school food available to support and enact the recommendations of this plan and, as the professional body representing the school food industry, LACA is committed to being actively involved in the implementation of this plan.”

Click on the icon below for full details of the briefing notes. To access the new School Food Plan website click here:

The Small Schools Taskforce has launched its pilot in the south west of the country and made available the Small Schools Pilot Information Pack which provides information on the pilot scheme, including sample menus, indicative costing models (based on government allocation of £2.30 / meal revenue funding for infant school meals), plus media coverage of the pilot launch in March.

Watch film of the launch of the Small Schools Pilot Study by clicking here

Or download the Small Schools Pilot Information Pack by clicking here