Key Chilli facts

08/12/2009 - 00:00
Everything you need to know about chilli...

A third of Brits are now munching on the hot stuff at least once a week (38.5%). 98% of us now add spice to our food on a regular basis. Only 2% revealed they don't eat spicy food at all. We are eating more chilli now than we ever did 10 years ago. Knowing chilli's reputed aphrodisiac qualities half of those asked admitted they would use it to add some spice to their love life! (51.4%) 25% of men would eat chilli for a bet over just 12% of women. Over a third of us said we eat more chilli today thanks to experiencing other cultural food (especially so for 25 to 34s at 42%). Contrary to popular opinion, it is not the seeds that are the hottest part of a chilli, but the white pith that surrounds them and runs in thick veins through the pod. Drinking milk or placing a spoonful of yoghurt in your mouth is the best way to relieve the burning sensation of chilli, as water will just spread the capsaicin oil around. It is said that chillies can help fight off winter colds and eating them certainly releases endorphins that helps lift the spirits. Chillis are packed with vitamins and can help reduce cholesterol. Chilli contains such high levels of Vitamin D that some athletes eat them prior to exercising to reduce risk injury. Today there are probably 400 different chillis grown, and are now one of the most widely cultivated crops.

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