ISS partners with innocent drinks for school gardening initiative
10/05/2019 - 05:00
Services and catering provider, ISS, has partnered with innocent drinks to deliver Green Fingers - The Big Grow. The week-long gardening event aims to educate pupils about the benefits of homegrown food, sustainability and trying new foods.

For the past seven years, ISS has held Green Fingers in the spring to help teach pupils about the seed to plate journey by providing a different educational activity for pupils. The innocent Big Grow encourages children across the UK and Ireland to get growing their own vegetables. 

Steve Kemp, sector director of ISS Education said: “This year I’m thrilled we are collaborating with innocent, and hope that together we can get more young people growing their own. Green Fingers – The Big Grow is a fantastic opportunity to teach young people about gardening and how different produce is grown. The taster dishes are a fun way to encourage pupils to try different fruits and vegetables which they may not have had before. I can’t wait to see schools and our teams getting involved in the event.”

This year every school who takes part in ‘Green Fingers - The Big Grow’ has the opportunity to win one of four gardening experience days with TV Gardener Chris Collins. 

Each lunchtime during Green Fingers week pupils have the chance to win one of 2500 seed packs, provided by Innocent, which they can grow at home or in class. Pupils also have the opportunity to sample some of the produce they are learning about in the form of daily taster dishes provided by ISS’ kitchen teams, including Beetroot Yoghurt Dip and Butternut Squash Wedges. ISS hope this will encourage pupils to try different fruits and vegetables. Special stickers will be awarded to those who try the dishes and voting boards will be set up in dining rooms so pupils can provide their feedback.

Xander Fletcher, commercial manager at innocent added: “I’m personally very excited to work alongside ISS on the Green Fingers – The Big Grow collaboration. Not only will we be able to reach out to even more young kids about the benefits of homegrown produce, but we will also encourage them to include more fruit & veg in their diets.”