How Business Energy Switch is offering hope to small businesses

16/10/2009 - 00:00
It's official. Small Businesses are failing to receive the most competitive prices on the market for their gas and electricity purchase.

Business Energy Switch has just launched a new website offering small businesses free, independent advice on how to save money on their gas and electricity purchase. Small businesses have mostly stuck with their historical supplier and failed to take the benefits on offer from switching their business gas and electricity. This has meant that most small to medium sized companies have never thought of leaving one of the big six energy providers. Stephen Drewett from Business Energy Switch said: "We have found the majority of small business who have contacted us have saved on average 20% on their gas and electricity using our service." It seems more important in the present credit crunch for small businesses to take more control over their businesses energy bills than ever before. The main problem energy customers are finding is a lack of information. Most small businesses don't know their renewal dates for their energy contracts and believe it is difficult to switch suppliers. Some of the major energy suppliers are taking advantage of this fact to increase small businesses renewal contracts for their business electricity and gas. Business Energy Switch recently released website aimed at small business offering them free independent advise on how to save money on their businesses gas and electricity contracts. Some small businesses have managed to save over 50% on their energy costs after visiting the site, which you can visit by clicking below.

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