Helping chefs make the most of an alternative cut

28/05/2009 - 00:00
Chefs and catering customers of Warren Butterworth Catering Butchers Ltd came together recently to learn the virtues of an alternative range of speciality steaks to help customers enjoy quality meals during the credit crunch.

The presentation took place at Jesmond Dene House and was fronted by master butcher and retail project manager for EBLEX, Dick van Leeuwen and well-known chef and restaurateur, Terry Laybourne. The speciality range which includes 12 Quality Standard steaks, developed by Dick and respected chef Pierre Koffmann, aims to not only help chefs deliver in terms of profit and carcase balance, but also hopes to satisfy customers who still want to enjoy succulent and tender steaks when eating out, but at a more economical cost from the likes of sirloin or fillet. Fran Butterworth of Warren Butterworth Catering Butchers Ltd said: "Many of our catering customers are looking for more cost effective ingredients as a direct result of the credit crunch and also because of their customers, who are seeking more value for money meals when eating out. "It was therefore relevant for us to bring all of our catering customers together to give them a first-hand preview of the steak range with a butchery masterclass, a cooking demonstration and of course a lunch featuring the steaks - and EBLEX and Terry were only too happy to help us." One attending guest, executive head chef for Six Restaurant, Richard Sim, said: "The whole day was very interesting and educational, and provoked a lot of discussion. The alternative steak range showed that there are other options available to using the more popular cuts and I can see some potential for a couple of the cuts in my establishments. "I work closely with all my suppliers, so I'm sure by trialling a couple of the steaks, I'll be able to gauge reaction from my customers as to what they think about them. Of course, by using more of the carcase everyone from the consumer through to the farmer stands to benefit, and I'm keen to do this where possible." The steaks in the range are: • Hanger Pavé • Hanger Steak • Bavette • Skirt Steak • Pavé (Underblade) • Pavé (Underblade Fillet) • Pavé (Thick Flank) • Pavé (Heel Muscle) • Flat Iron Steak • Tender Top Steak • Centre Cut Steak • Ranch Steak

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