Grande Cuisine offers Capic Celtic 800

06/06/2016 - 12:39
Grande Cuisine is now offering a Capic Celtic 800 solid top gas oven which offers a flexible cooking solution that can be used on its own where space is limited, or as part of a range in larger kitchens.

The solid, cast iron hotplate is in two parts with a bulls-eye central burner. The surface area (800mm X 600mm) can be used for boiling, simmering or for holding.

The firebrick surrounding the central burner maintains heat and reduces energy waste, while spurs on the underside of the solid top. A removable tray under the plate makes it easy to keep clean.

The 8kW module also features a security pilot and thermocouple, has insulated stainless steel oven walls and comes with a stainless steel GN 2/1 griddle.

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