Government must give hospitality staff fair tips

19/11/2008 - 00:00
On the day the tipping in the hospitality industry starts its consultation (Wednesday 19th November), Unite the union is calling on the Government to take action to ensure staff in bars, hotels and restaurants get 100% of tips, service charges and gratuities.

Derek Simpson, Unite Joint General Secretary, says: "The Unite campaign for fair tips has demonstrated the disgraceful lengths that some employers will go to in order to line their pockets with tips left for their staff. The Government must take urgent action to close the minimum wage loophole. This will ensure rogue employers can no longer use money left by their customers, to thank those who served them, to boost their profits. "The union will not accept a situation whereby the industry which has so far publicly denied the concerns of their staff and customers around tipping, to be allowed to merely go on regulating themselves. Government action is overdue as staff must not be forced to wait on their employer. "Unite has launched a 'Fair Tips Charter' which asks fair tipping establishments to demonstrate to their customers that they give their staff 100% of all tips. We do not need another voluntary code of conduct for a sector which has shown itself incapable of enforcing fairness for staff." The Unite Fair Tips Charter states that companies must: 1) Pay all employees at least the minimum wage with 100% of tips added on top as a bonus with no hidden charges. 2) Reach agreement on how tips are shared with those staff directly affected. 3) Make no deductions from tips or salaries to cover breakages, till shortages or customer walk-outs. 4) Make all rules for the distribution of tips and service charges available in writing for staff and customers on request.

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