Gourmet kebab restaurant to open in Sunderland

Gourmet kebab restaurant to open in Sunderland
Gourmet kebab restaurant to open in Sunderland
15/03/2017 - 07:20
Restaurant operator Bavava is set to open the first Doner Haus eatery, specialising in gourmet kebabs, in Sunderland.

The kebab house will open in Bavava’s former Popadoms site and is the first of what is planned to be a chain of Doner Haus establishments.

Nathan Alexander, brand development manager at Bavava, said: “In the last few years burgers have become virtually a fine dining offering because the quality has improved so much.

“This is what we now intend to do with kebabs, which really will bear no resemblance to those that people eat on the way home after a night out.”

The idea is based on kebabs Alexander sampled in Berlin. He said: "The kebabs we ate in Berlin were incredible and that’s what we intend to bring to Sunderland.”

The opening is part of Bavava’s rapid growth programme with a Papadoms site due to open in Bradford and both Papadoms and Bavava sites due to open in Glasgow by June.

The closing of the Sunderland Papadom restaurant was announced this month alongside the operator’s plans to open further restaurants.   

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