Fun Friday Food Facts 2019 Vol. 28

Fun Friday Food Facts 2019 Vol. 28
16/08/2019 - 08:12
Another Friday means another edition of food facts, the highlight of your week of course!
  • More than 163 million cups of tea are consumed every day in Britain (which is approximately two and a half cups per person).  
  • Contrary to popular belief, carrots aren’t a rabbit’s favourite treat. The idea was popularised by Bugs Bunny and started as a reference to a Clark Gable film where he munches on a carrot. The original audience in the 40s would have got the joke but as new audiences watched the rabbit, they assumed that its favourite food was carrots. 
  • Chickens contain 266% more fat than they did 40 years ago.
  • The green Haribo gummy bears aren’t lime/green apple flavoured, but strawberry.
  • Gatorade got its name from the Florida Gataors, a University of Florida football team, who used it as a way of combatting fatigue after games.
  • The croissant was invented in Austria not France. 

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