Fun Friday Food Facts 2017 Vol. 46

24/11/2017 - 09:56
A real mix this week, we hope you enjoy our Fun Friday Food Facts!
  • How should you use your bell pepper? The answer is in the lobes: those with four are sweeter and best served raw, with salads etc, whilst those with three lobes contain fewer seeds and so are best cooked or grilled as part of your dish
  • If you’re looking for another good reason to avoid plastic bags at the supermarket, then remember that the ‘slip agent’ that helps them to be easily separated from each other comes from stearic acid, which is made from beef fat
  • With more than 1.5 million fish fingers eaten every day in Great Britain, it’s safe to say they’re a national favourite. But did you know that 99% of the fish used in British fingers is actually imported from Iceland, Norway, Germany and Russia, and they were originally invented to help fishermen find a market for exceedingly large hauls of cod
  • In 1961, James Monaghan decided to trade his 50% share in DomiNick’s pizza to his brother and co-owner Tom in exchange for a used Volkswagen Beetle. 38 years later, Tom retired and sold most of the company that was then known as Domino’s pizza. He got more than the price of a used Volkswagen though, selling 93% of the company for £1 billion. One can only imagine the awkwardness at the Monaghan family gatherings. “So, James, how’s that Beetle running?”   
  • If everyone ate as much meat as they do in the US, the world would have run out of fresh water 15 years ago
  • Deipnophobia is the fear of dinner party conversations

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