Fun Friday Food Facts 2017 Vol. 35

08/09/2017 - 08:46
As the kids return to school from their summer holidays, we have seven fascinating food facts to get them into the spirit...

The colour orange was named after the fruit, not the other way around- before then, the shade was known in English as “red-yellow” or “yellow-red”, which is not as odd as it may sound- relatively few other languages have a specific word to describe it.

Why do we cheers? The Ancient Romans used to drop a piece of toast into their wine for good health. They'd then put it in fellow drinkers’ wines, which is where the phrase, “to toast”, comes from!

The top five food culprits behind people breaking a tooth are: Unpopped popcorn kernels, olive stones, biscotti, frozen chocolate bars, and attempting to open food packaging with your teeth.

Twinings created the world's largest tea bag in 2002. Had it been brewed it would've made 11,000 cups of tea.

You can use ketchup to restore the glow to your pots and pans as the acid in ketchup removes the tarnish.

If you too are tired of finally wanting that banana only to find you reached it a day late, try this hack! Wrap the top of your bananas with plastic wrap and they'll last four to five days longer.

When you eat figs, technically, you're also eating wasps! Figs are pollinated by female wasps, who lose their wings in the process of pollination. The wasp has no way to get out of the fig and so they die inside, and then the fig's enzymes breakdown and dissolve the wasp.

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