Fun Friday Food Facts 2017 Vol. 14

07/04/2017 - 10:17
In the week where the controversial Pepsi advert sparked outrage, we found some sweet but less offensive food facts.

Shortbread was originally classified as bread, by its Scottish bakers to avoid paying taxes that were placed on cookies.

It takes 21 pints of milk to make a pound of butter.

Singapore has tried to completely forbid gum, with heavy fines of over $6,000 for possession or use without a prescription

For more than a century Horlicks has been associated with a good night’s sleep in the UK. ‘Comforting, warming, fortifying since 1906’, one of it’s strap lines on promotional material. But in India the story is very different. The drink’s promo suggests it’ll make you ‘Taller, stronger, sharper’, with images of children running towards school. Here it is seen as a drink to ready you for the day. Believe what you will, the drinks are exactly the same but with the power of marketing you’d never believe it.

In 2003, a third of 1,000 American tourists visiting Scotland believed that Haggis was a small animal. One described it as “a wild beast of the Highlands which only comes out at night.”

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