Eating Better survey finds that one in five people are cutting back on meat
03/12/2014 - 10:35

A YouGov survey commissioned by the Eating Better alliance and Friends of the Earth has found that 20%of Brits have cut back on the amount of meat they eat year the last year.

The survey results, found in Eating Better’s new report, Let’s Talk About Meat: changing dietary behaviour for the 21st Century, reveals that one in three people say they are willing to consider eating less meat and just 5% say they eat more meat than last year.

The report concludes that despite strong evidence of the benefits for health and climate change as well as public willingness to eat less meat, their efforts are unsupported by government and most food companies.

Sue Dibb, the report’s author and coordinator of Eating Better, said: “Eating less meat is a simple way for people to benefit their health and the health of the planet. Significant numbers of people are waking up to the message of flexitarian eating by having meat-free days and enjoying better quality meat in smaller portions.

“There are also opportunities for businesses: eating less and better meat is becoming trendy thanks to top chefs putting vegetables centre-plate. But much more is needed to take this mainstream: that’s why, as our report says, we need to talk about meat.”

Eating Better recommends the government updates the Eatwell Plate and suggests it publishes official health and sustainable dietary guidance. They also claim that food businesses should make low meat and meat-free options more available, affordable and attractive to consumers.

Launched in 2013, Eating Better is an organisation striving for a more sustainable farming system by urging people to eat less meat and more food that’s better for the environment.