EasiYo yogurt is a fresh solution for education caterers

04/10/2019 - 10:11
EasiYo yogurt is the 'freshly made on site' yogurt solution for education catering for all age groups from early years upwards.

Why Choose EasiYo Yogurt?

• Natural and low in sugar in line with 2020 guidelines

• Reduce Plastic Waste – With growing concerns over plastic pollution, there’s never been a better time to make EasiYo yogurt fresh on site. Each 2kg pack of yogurt base could remove over 600g of single use plastic from your kitchen. 100 schools could reduce plastic waste by 1.2 tonnes per year.

• Cost Effective - Fresh yogurt at a competitive price so saves you money.

• Delicious Taste - The deliciously creamy taste and texture is a favourite with students of all ages. Available in Natural,Greek Style and Low Fat Natural.

• Fantastically Versatile - Serve with EasiYo reduced sugar toppings, fruit and granola, add to smoothies, birchers or use in cooking. Use in all your favourite recipes as an alternative to cream, sour cream, cream cheese or mayonnaise.

• Flexible Portion Control - 1 bag of 1kg yogurt base makes a 6.5kg batch = 65 x 100g portions of yogurt or a 2kg yogurt sachet makes 13kg of yogurt = 130 x 100g portions. You decide portion size unlike with disposable pots.

• Reduced Sugar Toppings – Choose from 10 delicious fruit flavours that contain ZERO allergens.

• No artificial colours, flavours, stabilisers, gums, thickeners or added sugars.

• Nutritious - Source of acidophilus, calcium and protein – good for growing bodies.

• Dietary requirements – Low sugar, gluten free, vegetarian and HALAL certified – EasiYo yogurt helps school caterers to adhere to dietary requirements

• Made Fresh On Site - The freshest yogurt available because you have just made it yourself. Made-up yogurt keeps for up to 14 days when refrigerated.

• Product Support - Comprehensive product and marketing support available along with recipe and serving suggestions.

• Long Ambient Shelf Life – No need to run out as the yogurt mix sachets have a shelf-life of over a year.

• Storage - In powdered form EasiYo is stored ambient rather than chilled. When made up EasiYo takes up less space than potted yogurt.

• Packaging Waste - EasiYo creates less waste - a small amount of foil rather than numerous plastic pots or poly bottles.

• EasiYo Mousse and Cheesecake Mixes - A great way to create a delicious dessert that incorporates all the benefits of EasiYo yogurt.

• Quality – EasiYo yogurt is a quality made fresh on site solution. Try it, we know you’ll love it!

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