Dutch invention cooks boiled egg in a minute

Dutch invention cooks boiled egg in a minute
Eggchef Cooker
13/09/2019 - 05:00
After ten years of research, the Dutch company Eggciting Products has developed two devices that can cook a boiled egg or scrambled eggs in a minute.

This invention offers benefits for the foodservice industry, including ‘high quality’ eggs, no staff needed and it is time saving. In addition the two devices make portions per consumer to combat food waste.

The Eggchef Cooker reduces the cooking time of an egg from 12 minutes to one. Eggs can be cooked in a variety of ways including soft, medium or hard-boiled.

The devices can also cook other breakfast foods such as oats and egg whites.  

Marcel Bivert, chief executive of Eggciting Products, said: "Consumers can very easily and safely operate it themselves. With only a touch of a button the perfect egg can be chosen from the Eggcheff Cooker.

“The Scrambled Eggcheff cooks and mixes a scrambled egg and even adds the spork automatically in the cup or mug. This all happens in the same time as you are waiting for your coffee. Hotels, self-service restaurants, fast food chains and on-the-go retailers have all shown concrete interest in our inventions.”

The devices will be revealed at the Host Milan in October 2019.

To watch a demonstration on how eggs are cooked in a minute by the Eggchef Cooker, visit: https://www.theeggcheff.com/press

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