Dundee offers best value coffee experience in the UK

17/11/2016 - 09:36
Dundee offers the best value coffee in the UK, with the average cost just £1.43, according to the 2016 Coffee Price Index

The Index, compiled by Service Partner ONE, averages the cost of four separate types of coffee - a cup of coffee in an office, a Grande Latte from Starbucks, a medium cappuccino from an independent coffee shop, and a cup of coffee at home.

Dundee ranked 12th on the Index, followed by Sheffield at 13 (£1.45), Edinburgh at 14 (£1.46), Liverpool at 15 (£1.47), Manchester at 17 (£1.49), Bradford and Glasgow joint at 18 (£1.50), Birmingham at 20 (£1.51), Leeds joint with Barcelona at 23 (£1.53), and lastly London ranked 32 out of 85 cities overall (£1.62).

Globally, the cheapest city is Rio de Janeiro at just 84 pence, with Sao Paulo following closely at 85p. The most expensive city overall is Zurich with an average price of £2.92 and a Starbucks costing £5.72.

Sven Hock, CEO of Service Partner ONE said, “Coffee is the fuel of every office, it is not only part of our culture, it is a culture. Whether you’re sitting down with an old friend, enjoying a cup with your spouse, or taking a break with your colleagues, coffee brings us together and motivates us.”

The Index reveals that the price of coffee within the home and office doesn’t vary much between cities within a country. However, the price of coffee in independent cafes made one of the largest differences to the overall average cost.

For instance, the cost of a medium cappuccino in an independent cafe in Dundee was found to be £2.65, whilst the average price of a medium cappuccino in an independent cafe in London is £3.21, an approximate a 20% increase in price between the two cities.

To view the full Index, click here.

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