13/12/2017 16:12
Written by 09001

Wow, what a month to celebrate and remember.  This year’s national School Meals Week will go down as surely the best yet!

Across the regions we saw the intrepid team from Nigel Argyle break all records of endurance as they worked their way across the country.  Karen was running for school meals and raising money for the Chairs Charity the British Heart Foundation.  My deepest admiration goes to “Kaz” who soldiered on through the pain with true grit and determination.  The final total was indeed beyond my wildest dreams with monies coming in via the regions and a special thank you to Kirklees (Jenny and Tracy) who raised nearly £3,000 alone.

The seminar on the Friday of NSMW was very informative with particular useful updates from Dr Courtney Scott around Brexit and all its implications for LACA members.

I did manage to get out to 2 regional events towards the end of November.  The first took place in the city of Manchester and this involved a canal trip to Salford Quays and a visit to the BBC Media Centre.  The regional members were then given a guided tour of the different BBC studios, Radio, News and the CBBC.  Certainly if you are in the area a worthwhile visit.

Secondly I went over to see my colleagues in the Yorkshire and Humber region for their Christmas dinner and party.  I had a fantastic time with Jo Webster, Joanne Campbell and all the team from the Y & H committee so, thank you and apologies for not dancing to “The Snake”!

During the first 2 weeks in December I have been to various meetings in London concerning the consultation on the “Eligibility for free school meals and the early year’s pupil premium under Universal Credit”.  One of these involved a meeting at the Department of Education where I was able to put forward the concerns form a LACA perspective and around the FSM and also our staff that may be effected. If you can, please go online and put in a return on the consultation from your LA or provider, it is important your voice is heard.

Yesterday I also was privileged to attend the PS100 Public Sector Most Influential event at the Houses of Parliament.  A roundtable discussion was held with much focus on the current state of the public sector and common concerns moving forward.

Finally can I wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

See you in 2018