Criteria for the 2008 Cost Sector Catering Awards

11/02/2008 00:02
The Cost Sector Catering Awards are the most prestigious in the industry recognising people for their commitment and dedication to catering. Here is what the judges are looking for in a winning candidate:

ARMED SERVICES AWARD CRITERIA SPONSORED BY PURPLE FOODSERVICE SOLUTIONS The feeding of this country's military personnel is a demanding and varied occupation. Nominations are sought for an individual who has had an outstanding career and has achieved excellence over many years of service or has shown dedication over and above the call of duty within a specific situation. CHEF AWARD CRITERIA SPONSORED BY THE SANDWICH FACTORY The heart of any foodservice provider's operation is the kitchen. This award recognises the chef who provides the highest standards of professionalism for food quality and innovation. The nominee's outstanding contribution can be made within any area of the cost catering sector, from business and industry sites, healthcare, education, armed services, prison service, event-catering, airlines to social services. Judges will consider the ability to create nutritionally balanced menus produced to the highest standards within the constraints the cost sector demands. CONTRACT CATERING AWARD CRITERIA SPONSORED BY PREMIER FOODS Nominations are sought for companies that have excelled in the world of contract catering. This may include the successful move into new market sectors, the introduction of education and training schemes, the development of new concepts, completion of modernization programmes, or a combination of any of these events. CONTRACT CATERING DISTRICT MANAGER AWARD CRITERIA SPONSORED BY NESTLE FOODSERVICES A critical role for any contract catering business is that of the operations or district manager. This award seeks to reward the person who has excelled in areas such as contract retention, business development, innovation and profit contribution. CONTRACT CATERING SALESPERSON AWARD CRITERIA SPONSORED BY GLAXOSMITHKLINE (GSK) Sales are the lifeblood of any business. This new award has been introduced to recognise the person who has continually delivered new business , or retained existing contracts, by a clear and concise understanding of the client's needs. CONTRACT CATERING UNIT MANAGER AWARD CRITERIA SPONSORED BY CADBURY TREBOR BASSETT Nominations are invited for the one person that stands out above all others in their quest for excellence. They may have substantially improved turnover and standards, renewed contracts under difficult circumstances, or successfully overseen major changes at client establishments. It will need to be shown that the nominee has improved the service and built an unbreakable client relationship. CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY AWARD CRITERIA SPONSORED BY PEROS The Corporate Responsibility Award has been introduced to recognise the company above all others that has integrated social, economic and environmental concerns into its business. Key Corporate Responsibility issues could include stakeholder engagement, labour standards, employee and community relations and responsible sourcing. EDUCATION AWARD CRITERIA SPONSORED BY MCCAIN Nominations are sought for an individual or organisation. This award recognises excellence in the provision of foodservice for schools in both private and state sectors in non contract-catered organisations. The nominee could work within a local authority, county council or school. MARKETING AWARD CRITERIA SPONSORED BY KELLOGG'S FOODSERVICE SOLUTIONS Nominations are sought for an individual or organisation that can prove that a particular marketing initiative or sustained campaign has proved successful and exceeded all expectations. Entries can range from themed events to new business strategies. ONBOARD CATERING AWARD CRITERIA SPONSORED BY GREENCORE FOODSERVICE This category encompasses those individuals involved in all areas of 'onboard' food service, including planes, trains, ferries and ships. Nominations are sought for an individual or organisation that has excelled in the provision of catering services in any of the 'onboard' sectors. PUBLIC SECTOR AWARD CRITERIA SPONSORED BY ELECTROLUX PROFESSIONAL This public sector award will recognise the

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