Consumers willing to pay more for recyclable packaging, study suggests

15/03/2019 - 06:00
Eco-conscious consumers are increasingly shunning food and drink businesses which don’t offer recyclable packaging, research has shown.

Catering equipment retailer, Nisbets, found that that almost 49% of Brits would be willing to pay more for their takeaway if the packaging was recyclable.

Additionally, a third of Brits (31%) would actively avoid a vendor who didn’t use recyclable food and drink packaging.

Rhiannon Fender, environment and sustainability manager at Nisbets, said: “Consumers are savvier than ever about recycling and being environmentally friendly. It’s great to see that so many are taking the time to research and make purchasing decisions based on the environmental attitudes of the companies they interact with. 

“It’s more important now than ever before for businesses to think about their environmental impact and to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.”

The research found that the most ‘eco-conscious’ cities, with those who actively avoid food and drink vendors who don’t use recyclable food and drink packaging, were found to be:

  1. Edinburgh – 47%
  2. Nottingham – 40%
  3. London – 38%
  4. Southampton – 33%
  5. Manchester – 32%

When it came to attitudes across the different age groups, 18-24 year olds were the most eco-friendly, with almost 60% willing to pay more for recyclable packaging, compared to only 35% of 35-65 year olds.

Looking at city splits, Glaswegians would be least willing to pay more for recyclable food and drink packaging (27%), compared to 61% of those in Sheffield. 

In contrast, three quarters (73%) of people believed food and drink vendors should absorb additional costs related to recyclable packaging, with many believing that it is the responsibility of the business not the customer.  The large majority (85%) of over 65s shared this opinion. 

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