Children consume as much as 10x sugar limit at school, claims sugar campaigner

A sugarwise information board at Broadmead Primary School in Croydon
24/06/2019 - 09:15
British children are consuming as much as 10x the recommended sugar levels at school, sugar campaigning organisation, Sugarwise, has claimed.

It says that although the current standards place limits on what can be served and that individual items may adhere to the standards, there is no overall limit on how much sugar is consumed.

The campaigning and certification organisation claim that with breakfast and after school clubs providing things such a pancakes, syrups, croissants, jam and hot chocolate, cake sales and tuck shops, some children may consume as much as up to 30x the recommended maximum across the school day, or up to 10x the daily recommended limit.

Rend Platings, Sugarwise founder said: “I could not believe that the School Food Standards which schools in the UK have to follow, and that limit things like breaded food to twice a week, places no limit at all on added sugar. The World Health Organisation and the government agree that free sugars should account for no more that 5% of daily calories.”

In response, it has launched a certification for schools who stick to the overall 5% recommendation.

It will begin the UK initially, with Ireland, Germany, Belgium who also have no limits for children, being added before the end of the year.

The school meals association, LACA said: “LACA dispute Sugarwise’s assertion that the School Food Standards do not place any limits on the amount of sugar children consume.

“The standards clearly state that no snacks with added sugar should be served in schools.  This includes no confectionary or chocolate. The standards apply for breakfast, morning snacks, tuck shops and after-school clubs.

“LACA members are committed to tackling childhood obesity and have long recognised that reducing sugar is essential in order to achieve this aim.”

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