Bradford Bakers heads for Glasgow

Bradford Bakers heads for Glasgow
21/11/2012 07:51:42
Bradford’s Bakers, one of Glasgow’s oldest family firms, has launched the UK’s first Bakery ATM this week in Glasgow’s St. Enoch Centre.

The Cupcake ATM took the city of Beverly Hills by storm when it was launched in Los Angeles earlier this year – and now Glaswegians will be the first in the UK to taste the selection of freshly-baked cupcakes from the Bakery ATM.

Claire Bradford of Bradford’s Bakers said: “We might be a fourth generation family firm, but launching the first Bakery ATM in the UK in Glasgow shows that we’ve never stopped looking for fresh ways to service our customers.

“Our innovative Bakery ATM will be restocked each morning with a choice of seven cupcake flavours from our extensive selection at any one time – including flavour of the week – and any cake dispensed will be freshly baked from our local bakery that morning.”

The Bakery ATM is located opposite Debenhams on the first floor next to Santa’s Grotto at St. Enoch Centre in the heart of Glasgow city centre.

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