Boosting profits with smoothies

29/06/2009 - 00:00
“A mango smoothie can generate a profit of £1.40 per cup – a gross profit margin of almost 70%. Selling 80 drinks a day, will generate over £650 in pure profit a week,” said Elaine Higginson, of First Choice Coffee.

Statistics like these show how operators can increase revenue by tapping into customer demand for chilled, blended drinks in the summer. The smoothie industry has grown rapidly in the past 10 years and it has flourished into a multi-million pound industry, with smoothies having become a popular summer alternative to a daily coffee. With ingredients that are mixed in front of customers eyes, smoothies tend to be perceived as higher value than bottled cold drinks, allowing operators to charge more and benefit from greater profit margins. Any size of operator, from small delis to a well-known café chains, can tap into this profit potential with First Choice Coffee's new summer drinks packages. The three-tiered offer means operators can choose the package that will best fit their size of operation. Fruit Recruits – ideal for small operators taking their first steps into the cold drinks market. Operators are supplied with two bases; Caffé Frappe and Mango Smoothie and a range of syrups, allowing them to make a selection of four of the most popular chilled drinks – Caffé frappe, hazelnut frappe, vanilla caffé frappe and mango smoothie. Chill Sergeant – the next step up, this package is perfect for satisfying more adventurous tastes. Starting with a larger selection of smoothie bases and some more unusual syrups such as mint, operators will be able to produce up to seven chilled drinks including a mocha & raspberry frappe and a wildberry smoothie. Major Mixer – the most comprehensive package, this is aimed at operators who are taking their summer drinks offer every bit as seriously as their hot beverage menu. An extended range of smoothie bases can be used with syrups to make a total of twelve drinks, ranging from sticky toffee frappe to fruit-based options such as a peaches & Ccream smoothie. Each package includes biodegradable cups, lids and straws and the option to either lease or buy the latest Blendtec blender. "Our packages have been designed to make summer drinks easy for operators, whatever the size of the unit and the staff's level of experience. We work with each operator on an individual basis to set pricing at a level that will help them maximise their profit margins. All packages include full staff training and a range of POS material to communicate what's available," concluded Higginson.

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