Bisto Pulled Pork, McDougalls Rolls & Apple Coleslaw

This recipe is taken from Premier Foods Summer Sizzlers Guide.

Pulled pork originally came from the southern United States, where early settlers used pigs as their livestock, as these were the only animals that could survive the weather conditions. The best cut for pulled pork is the shoulder which benefits from a long and slow cooking process. In this recipe, we use Bisto Bouillon to keep the pork moist and deliver a rich gravy sauce to complement.


If you don’t have a large pan with a lid for the pork, cook in a deep sided tray and cover with baking parchment then foil, (if you cover with just foil, the pork will stick to it).

For the apple coleslaw simply mix equal quantities of grated apple, white cabbage and onion, then bind with a little mayonnaise and season to taste.